Data + Graphics

SF Street Names
A detailed map of the history behind the names of San Francisco streets and landmarks.
NFL Player Size
Charting the eye-popping growth in player height and weight over the history of the NFL.
NYPD Complaints
Visualizing the gulf between disciplinary recommendations and departmental action in the NYPD.
Crossword Puzzle Linguistics
Crossword puzzlers know that certain words that never show up in real life pop up in crosswords all the time. Which English words are the most crossword-specific?
Congressional Acronym Abuse
A deep dive into the congressional practice of using ridiculous acronyms as bill titles, like the Preventing All Your Bucks from Aiding non-Citizens is Key (PAYBACK) Act.
Nailbiter Bot
A Twitter bot to alert you when an NCAA basketball tournament game is close near the end.
Google Search Suggestions
What does Google autocomplete tell us about how different English-speaking countries see each other?
NFL Fan Geography
Comparing hypothetical and actual geography for NFL fan bases.
Defining a Sandwich
A 5-minute talk on sales tax, classification errors, and whether a burrito can be considered a sandwich.
The Longest Subway Ride
An interactive that searches for the longest possible New York subway ride.
How to Speak New York
How to pronounce tongue-twisting names in and around New York.
Subte Growth
A timelapse map of the Buenos Aires subway system.
Wikipedia and the Election
Charting Wikipedia traffic for candidate pages during the 2012 election.
The 911 Calls
An interactive audio story about the New York City 911 system.
The Snowpiercer Scenario
A speculative fiction map of what portion of the New York subway could run during an epic snowstorm.
A chart of BuzzFeed listicle lengths.
Daylight Saving Time
A personal calculator for how Daylight Saving Time affects you.
Pro Sports Territory
What are the natural fan boundaries for US sports leagues based on distance alone?
Baseball Timezones
Looking at how timezones and scheduling create winners and losers among baseball fans and their ability to watch games.
NYC School Name Generator
Generate a name for your future New York City school.
Best Picture Winners
Charting Rotten Tomatoes scores for Best Picture nominees by year.
Resisting Arrest and Race
An analysis of racial disparities in resisting arrest charges from the NYPD.
Russian Rouletsy
Spin the wheel to find a random Etsy item for purchase.
Infinite Street View
Enter an address to get an infinite stream of nearby Street View images.
White Christmas
Which cities typically get snow on Christmas?
Draw the US
How well can you draw the outline of the United States?
Mean Streets
Tracking every 2014 traffic death in New York City.
Ticker Tape Parades
A chart of ticker tape parades in New York City over time.
Historical Tax Brackets
Calculate the overall historical tax rate for any income.
How to Calculate Pi
Fun with math: a visualization of the Archimedean method of approximating pi.
Olympic Bodies
The height and weight of 2012 Olympic athletes by sport.
A news app for finding and comparing New York City public schools.
Uncampaign Me
A Chrome extension that replaced Facebook posts about the 2012 election with vintage campaign ads.
A quickstart tool for creating web maps.

Odds & Ends

A very infrequently updated blog.
Learn the command line by solving a murder mystery.
How many laws passed by Congress concern the renaming of post offices?
A speculative Venn diagram about George Washington and Sir Mix-A-Lot.
How often does New York City Transit clean its subway stations? (hint: not often)
An air-powered t-shirt cannon made with PVC pipe and a sprinkler valve.
Mapping the locations of foreign consulates in the US.
Guess the movie from its IMDB plot keywords.
A lasercut board game tracking the size of a baby.
A pair of custom cornhole boards for a wedding.
A brief post explaining the difference between static and dynamic web servers.
A set of coasters made from FAA Visual Flight Rules charts.
A series of web technology primers.
A list of past wars fought between countries in each 2014 World Cup draw group.
Results of an informal census of newsroom developers.
An old chart of box office results for original vs. adapted movies.
A Venn diagram about the movie Predator (edit: updated version).
A failed attempt to calculate a diaspora index (the percentage of a country's births that still live there)
A histogram of spellings of "KHAAAN" in Google image search results.
Steadily increasing fielding percentage over time in Major League Baseball.
Wherewolf.js, an in-browser boundary service for sorting points into districts.
Travel recommendations for some of my favorite cities.
Tracking 2014 Olympic medals by state.
A Chrome extension to add quotes around any use of the word "simple" or "easy" in software documentation.
Some miscellaneous mapping tools.
What weird words and phrases are technically valid HTML4 colors?
An unfinished attempt to make a sliding histogram of NFL punt outcomes.
Turn SVGs into flat images on the fly with Pancake.js.
A pointless animation of cell phone tower hopping for a moving car on Bay Area freeways.
A logo for the fictional Department of Cryptogeography.
A fruitless attempt to map some trends in Chicago Divvybike usage.
The 2014 edition of Oscar trivia.
Flipbook.js, a screenshotting utility.
A mobile-friendly ice cream locator (New York City only).